About Us


The Supplement Warehouse was formed to provide the UK natural health industry with high quality nutraceutical brands through a truly independent and knowledgeable trade partner.

Combining over 20 years of experience within the food supplement industry, our aims are simple;

  • Provide professional products backed by solid science
  • Provide a simple online portal for order management
  • Provide an unparalleled level of service

Our focus is exclusively the natural health market and our team are committed to providing you with exceptional service so you can offer your customers some of the best supplements available.

If you are a brand looking to launch your products into the competitive UK supplement market, you couldn't find a better partner than The Supplement Warehouse.

We have strong, existing relationships with some of the largest and most popular natural health, e-commerce sites as well as retail chains, practitioners and clinics across the UK. 

If you require additional support, we are experienced in  advising on UK compliant labelling and navigating through health claim restrictions; we know the minefields of third-party retail platforms and how to work with them to control your brand’s exposure; and above all, we know how to launch a brand successfully.